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5 Best Ways Educators Can Create Awesome Presentation Videos Without Being Tech-Savvy

Who says creating presentation videos requires advanced editing skills? Follow our five best ways to create presentation videos for your class.

The digital age has shifted how people learn, especially the younger generations. Digesting materials from books and long blocks of text on the internet is becoming less preferred by learners.

That’s when presentation videos come in. Educators can employ presentation videos or explainer videos to deliver materials in a more entertaining manner. They can engage students and make class activities more effective.

However, creating presentation videos can be daunting for non-tech-savvy educators. If so, this article can come in handy for them. We’ve compiled the five best ways educators can create awesome presentation videos in easy steps.

Without any other ado, let’s dive right in!

Why Should Educators Use Presentation Videos?

Presentation videos are compelling teaching media suitable for learners of all ages, especially younger students. A study reveals that 65% of the world’s population are visual learners. So, presentation videos can be a great help.

Not stopping there, a human’s brain naturally digests visual information better. Human brains can process visual content (images and videos) 60,000 times quicker than text. It’s solid clear now that creating visual-based teaching materials is necessary.

As an educator, you can reap many benefits from creating presentation videos for students. Also, all your efforts will be worth the results. Below are some benefits of employing presentation videos as teaching materials.

Engaging Teaching Media

Presentation videos are persuasive and engaging teaching media. Attractive visuals and concise narration can light up a learning activity and make it more entertaining for students.

Better Information Retention

Presentation videos allow learners to retain information better. Learners can get 94% of the message delivered through video. In contrast, they are more likely to have only 10% of textual materials.

Accessible Across Devices

Presentation videos are shareable and easily accessible through mobile devices. Learners can access it on their smartphones, tablets, or computers whenever they need references. Educators can also post it as social media videos.

Efficient Teaching Tools

Not only is it beneficial for learners, but presentation videos are also time-efficient learning media for teachers. They can break down complex materials into digestible chunks of information.

Five Best Ways to Create Presentation Videos

Who says creating presentation videos is a complicated process? In fact, everything takes time. With the proper steps, you can create presentation videos easily and quickly. 

So, we’ve pieced together five best ways educators can create awesome presentation videos without being tech-savvy. Let’s jump right in!

1. Leverage Online Tools

Using online platforms or tools can help you create presentation videos quickly. You can find many platforms offering presentation features. You can use an online slideshow creator tool, which allows you to create visually appealing and engaging slideshows with ease. This tool usually offers a wide range of customization options, allowing you to add images, videos, text, and animations to your presentation to make it more interactive and dynamic.

They have essential tools for you to create presentation videos. Best of all, you can find free templates, stock images, and audio effects to complement your materials. If online tools are still too daunting, use PowerPoint and export your file into video format.

2. Create a Crisp Video Script

Creating a presentation video requires you to develop a video script. It will also be the way you will narrate your video. Write an excellent flowing narration and include vital information you want to explain.

Remember to consider your audience. Having a fun and cheerful script is best for younger students. Or, you can add a bit of humor to entertain learners of all ages and maintain engagement.

Separately, you should indicate what points you will deliver in your video. Pen down the materials, texts, images, or graphs you want to put on the show. Planning what you want to add to your presentation video will help you work faster. 

3. Less Text, More Visuals

The rule of presentation videos must be less text and more visuals. You will assist learners in comprehending materials through pictures, illustrations, animations, typography, graphs, and other visual elements.

Add voice over, it will help you to keep your text short, while making your explanation clear. Avoid writing

4. Use Timed Transitions

Transitions are vital in a presentation video. It’s key to making your video presentation flow seamlessly and add more quality. You can add timed transitions to manage the presentation flow.

For instance, if you need to explain something in the middle of the video, you can add more time to the current transitions. You should make an estimated time for your direct explanation to manage spaces between transitions.

Your direct explanation can also be a moment for learners to regain focus. It is also a great way to avoid overwhelming materials.

5. Keep It Short and Sweet

Presentation videos should be brief, or you will fail to maintain learners’ focus and engagement. It’s best to keep your video at most two minutes and let the rest be other learning activities.

After the two-minute mark, learners will slowly lose focus, and the rest of your video will be useless. You can combine your class activity with a presentation video, Q&A session, and practical exercises to optimize retention.

Best Tools to Create Presentation Videos

To help you create presentation videos, we’ve listed the four best online tools or platforms with the best features available. Besides, you don’t have to spend even a single dime to leverage them. Check out the list below.


Powtoon design

Image via Powtoon

With a drag-and-drop interface, Powtoon is among the most accessible tools for creating presentation videos. It has video templates, stickers, stock images, illustrations, and more. The platform is always friendly for beginner users.


Lumes design

Image via Lumen5

Lumen5 is a cloud-based video presentation software. It has an easy and intuitive interface. You can access free stock images, audio, and video clips to complement your content. 


Canva Design

Image via Canva

Canva has been soaring in popularity as one of the most practical editing platforms. It’s free to use and has basic features to edit images and videos. You can also use free presentation templates and attractive stock images.


Appy Pie Design is considered one of the great tools for creating presentation videos because of its unique features that allow users to create more dynamic and engaging presentation videos for the viewers. In addition, the customizable templates and wide range of design options make it easy to create visually appealing presentations. 

No prior design experience? With Appy Pie Design, you don’t have to be a technocrat, and it’s absolutely free to get started. Some of the best features include powerful presentation design tools, 10,000+ templates, NFTs, stock photos, illustrations, logo design, etc.


Image via Prezi

Prezi is another well-known presentation software. It has a variety of presentation templates and images. Its intuitive interface is best for anyone who wants to create impressive presentation videos. Moreover, you can also import your PowerPoint presentations for conversion.


Creating presentation videos is similar to creating PowerPoint slides in general. It may require extra effort, but the result will always be worth the price. Besides, you can post your presentation videos on social media. It will be beneficial for both educators and learners.

The discussions should come in handy for educators with limited ability in using technology. They can rely on the five points above to create awesome presentation videos for their students and game up their class activities. 

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