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10 Best Practices of Social Media Marketing for Online Tutors

So we have prepared this list of 10 best practices of social media marketing for online tutors. In this list we will take you through some of the most favored and proved-to-be-effective social media marketing strategies. You can use these tricks to bolster your social media marketing

Once you setup your online school and add all the initial course contents, ideally you are good to go. But if you are new to the domain of online teaching or teaching in general, your next challenge begins now. And the challenge is to get learners to purchase your course and be your loyal customers for years to come. In today’s time of world wide web, the easiest way to get traffic to your online teaching website is to engage in social media marketing. But the line between good and effective social media marketing and the not so effective social media marketing is really thin. So we have prepared this list of 10 best practices of social media marketing for online tutors. In this list, we will take you through some of the most favored and proved-to-be-effective social media marketing strategies. You can use these tricks to bolster your marketing strategy and get the best ROI from your online institution.

10 Best Practices of Social Media Marketing

So without much ado, let’s take a look at these best practices,

  • Cut Down on The Turn Around Time, Respond Quickly

Imagine you wanted to buy something from certain online vendors but you had some queries. And the vendor doesn’t reply back in due time. As an obvious reason, you will not be purchasing from the vendor. Because accept it or not, in business first impression, is a lasting impression. So once you set up your social accounts and questions start to pour in, don’t take long to revert.

  • Don’t Just Rely On Social Media Experts, Engage Your Organization

While it is a good idea to employ a dedicated expert social media manager, it is not ideal to rely solely on the manager to answer all the learner queries with the depth of knowledge that you or your team members will be having on specific course modules. Having a knowledgeable teammate handling the queries on social media is more effective than having a social media expert who is low on knowledge about your course modules.

  • Share the Appreciation

When learners praise your courses or appreciate your effort, let others know as well. Because social media is a great tool for word-of-mouth promotion. Also, offering the learners a token of appreciation through a discount coupon or any other means is also highly appreciated as it helps you build a long term relation with your learners.

  • Don’t Wait For The Right Time To Post

In today’s time, you no longer have to wait for the right time to post on social media. Tools like Buffer etc. can do that for you based on the engagement statistics and the tools will post accordingly. And once you start posting socially, you will also get to know what is the ideal time to post and what kind of posts are getting more engagement. You can use these analytics for your future posts as well.

  • Talk to The Learners

As the great ones once said, communication is the tool to build any relation, even that of a teacher and learner. So the more you engage your learner bases through social media posts and answer their queries, you will be able to build a brand recognition and know what exactly is in demand among learners. That way you can create more effective courses.

  • Make Use of Online Tools

If you are the one man army handling the course creation process to marketing process, we know things might get a bit piled up today. But that doesn’t mean that you have compromise on anything. You can still be the one man army using different online tools to make your work easier. Starting from different course authoring tools, to online poster designing tools, to smart social posting tools, you have options to choose from variety of tools. Here are list of a few tools favored by the online educators,

These are few of the online tools that are quite famous among online educators and we highly recommend you to use these tools to see how easy social media marketing can get

  • Know More About Your Learners

Engaging your learners through social media posts helps you know your learners and identify their trends. Knowing your learners will help you shape and plan your social media engagements accordingly and also create contents in the same line. This will help you in quick conversion and generating more revenue.

  • Be Consistent

Consistency is the key to convert learners from your social media campaigns. We are not saying that you should be rip the social media space with your posts. But you should be having a regular and consistent presence on social media. Going off from your social media campaigns for long can effect your online teaching business negatively. To maintain a consistent presence across platforms, consider using a social media automation tool that allows you to schedule Facebook posts, Instagram posts, tweets, LinkedIn posts, and more from a single dashboard.

  • Research Competitive Analysis

A good approach to bolster your online social media marketing is to research on competitive analysis. Keep an eye out for your competitors’ social media space and how they are faring and how they are attracting more customers. And compare that with your campaign plans. This will give you the necessary insight to run a better campaign than your competitors.

  • D.M.A.I.C (Define.Measure.Analyse.Improve.Control)

Anyone who has heard of Lean Six Sigma has heard of DMAIC. It’s a method of root cause analysis for solutions that are not already known. And the same can be applied to online course marketing. DMAIC can be expanded into Define – Measure – Analyse – Improve – Control. There is no one size fits all formula for social media marketing. So you have to run campaigns on your gut feeling and market research. But once you get the campaign analytics, your work will be pointing out the mistakes that you have made and rectify those. Then you retarget the campaign for more effective results

Now You’re Prepared

These are the 10 Best Practices of Social Media Marketing for Online Tutors. Your social media campaign should not rely on any one method, but should more so lean on a combination of methods that work together in one cohesive digital marketing strategy. With the right message finding the right audience, you’re bound to be successful on social media. And we, the Learnyst team wish you all the luck for your social media marketing to sell your courses online. Also, read how to use the Facebook Pixel for an online teaching website? For any queries on teaching online, you can let us know by dropping an email to or just comment down below.

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