Newsfeed – A New Handcrafted Feature To Meet and Suit Your Online Teaching Business

We are introducing new feature called Newsfeed. It is the archive for all the important information shared by you with your learners and it will be available to your learners on both the mobile app and web platform. They can access it anytime they want, by selecting the “Feed” tab.

What Are The Features of Newsfeed

Let us take a look at the latest features of Newsfeed:

  1. It will work as your personal school feed, where you can share recent updates, tricks and tips regarding a particular field of study or examinations.
  2. This feed will be a public feed, and it will help you improve your Search Engine Optimization and direct more learner traffic to your website and mobile app.
  3. Free formatting of your messages allow you to compose and customize your messages to best suit your demand.

How to create Newsfeed

There are 3 simple steps to create newsfeed

  1. Create a category. You can create categories based on exam types like CAT, GATE, GMAT, IBPS PO, Banking exams etc., this will help you to reach a targeted audience.
  2. Now you can create the post as to share information or you can use it as your blog. Once you create the post, link it with particular categories, so your learners can quickly navigate through all your posts. You can also add cover images and the name of particular instructor.
  3. As the final step, preview and publish your post.

Newsfeed feature is available from Pro + Plan. To enable this feature contact or ping us in messenger.

Will It Change The Existing Look of My Mobile App and Web Platform

Yes. As we introduce Newsfeed it will change the existing look of your mobile and web platform. To make room for more features, we are moving the In-App Message inside the notification tab. And your Newsfeed will be available on the learner dashboard.

Newsfeed           Newsfeed


  • Newsfeed comes in the Learnyst Pro + Plan. Customers who are using pro plan, will be provided the feature by default.
  • For others, you can access it by signing up for the pro plan. To upgrade your existing plan click here.

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